Architectural Control Committee
The ACC meets once a month at 4:00 pm on the first Tuesday of the month at the Pool Clubhouse unless otherwise posted.  ALL Owners are welcome to attend.
The ACC must approve in advance ALL construction, improvements, remodeling, or modification on or to a Lot, except interior alterations not affecting the external appearance of the Lot or improvements on a Lot. This specifically includes, but is NOT limited to,:
Painting or other alteration of a building (including doors, windows, and trim) other than with duplicates of the original material and color;
Replacement of roof or other parts of a building other than with duplicates of the original material;
Installation of antennas, satellite dishes or receivers, solar panels, or other devices;
Construction of fountains;
Construction of privacy walls or other fences or gates; addition of awnings, flower boxes, shelves, statues, or other outdoor ornamentation;
Any other additions and/or modifications of an external structure on a Lot;
Any interior alteration of a dwelling which alters the conditioned square footage or number of sleeping rooms within the dwelling;
Addition of window coverings; and initial landscaping and any material alteration of landscaping.
(This right is general and is not limited to the specific items listed in this Paragraph.)